The Meyer and Xapile Educational Fund is enabling young persons in South Africa to access professional training

Actually it's easy. We provide young persons with a loan so that they can afford a professional training. Those young persons probably would not have a chance to qualify themselves without the educational fund. Thank to our support and confidence and to their own commitment and hard work they will be able to find a job appropriate to their qualification. After having achieved that they will start to pay back their loan to the fund according to their financial means and the fund can support another candidate.



Who are we?

we are a fund that started as a private commitment for two brilliant young persons from a village near Mthatha, Transkei, South Africa.

We don't donate any money to them, we invest money. The return on Investment is: a future for young persons.



Our Achievements

By granting two young persons loans they were able to find good jobs. Both of them started in the meantime to pay back their loans.


Hans Meyer

Parkstraße 11

12103 Berlin


Tel.: +49 160 978 43 155

Investing in perspectives


The actual fund capital is € 10.000,-

The montly payback is € 120,-

The average costs for a three year professional training is € 6.000,-

The montly payments during a training is € 166,-

The number of loans we can offer depends on the fund capital. Donations are very welcome!